Freelance Consultant / Digital Strategist | present
As a freelancer, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a planner and strategist for some of the top agencies in Brazil – Y&R/WPP, Wunderman/WPP, Pong Dinasty/IPG, Publicis Red Lion and Artplan, among others – and for international agencies – such as eLace Media Services (Uruguay), Hogarth Worldwide (UK) and World Writers/Tag Worldwide (UK). I’ve also been a guest professor at Perestroika Creativity School and a lecturer at events such as Social Media Week and Social Media Brasil.

NEW VEGAS | Partner, Planning Director | Aug 2012–April 2014
Founded in 2010 as a social media and relationship marketing agency, New Vegas started to grow its business and offerings by 2012 with a focus in becoming more of a creative hotshop. Named as one of Brazil’s “Agencies to Keep an Eye On” by Folha de S. Paulo, in 2012, it is widely recognized as one of the top agencies in the country for content marketing and social media strategy.

As a partner, I was then responsible for planning this transition and acting as a de facto Operations Manager, creating workflows, setting teams and budgets, and helping plan what the company wanted to be and how to properly get there. Also, as Planning Director it was my responsibility to oversee both creative and strategic planning processes, be it during pitches, content planning strategies or business consultancies when necessary. For all the creative work, I worked very closely with the creative team and the Creative Director with the goal of merging both planning and creative duties into one single process.

Clients: DE Master Blenders, Heineken, Bradesco, FIESP.

DDB Brazil | Convergence Director | Jan 2012–Aug 2012
Responsible for overseeing all integrated campaigns and projects, helping develop workflows to better integrate the planning, creative and branded content departments, as well as being a reference in terms of digital and social media communication inside a more traditional agency.

Clients: Vulcabras | azaleia (Olympikus, Azaleia, Dijean), Brinox, Pão dos Pobres, Grupo RBS.

Today | Planning Director | Jul 2011–Dec 2012
After ADBAT’s merger with Tesla, I became head of the planning department (of what was then “ADBAT/TESLA” and would become “Today”), overseeing all planning and strategy work for our clients. Working directly with the COO and CEO, I was also responsible for structuring a new creative department which could work alongside planners to deliver the sort of integrated work that the new agency was expected to deliver.

Clients: Mercedes-Benz, TAM Airlines, Roche, Rossi Residencial.

ADBAT Strategy Agency | Strategist | Jan 2010–Jul 2011
Working as head of digital research and social media monitoring, for clients such as TAM Airlines and CVC Group.

CUBOCC | Digital/Social Media Planner | Jan 2009-Oct 2009
Worked on the social media team, with a focus on strategies and metrics, for clients such as AXE, Degree Men, Doritos, Ruffles, Google and Samsung.

Clients: Unilever, Pepsico, Samsung, Google.

LIVEAD | Digital Planner | May 2007-Dec 2008
Researching interactive media and online tools to be used in direct marketing strategies for clients such as Google and 20th Century Fox; working with creatives to find references and data on target audiences; planning web strategies for bringing clients such as Yahoo! and Nike closer to their audience. Was also responsible for creating and structuring the whole planning department.

Clients: 20th Century Fox, AmBev, Nike, Google, Yahoo!, Kellogg’s, TV Globo, Oi.