Bradesco App for Google Glass

The product: Bradesco Bank’s app for Google Glass.

The challenge: Starting with the first Internet Banking service in Brazil, Bradesco has a long history of experimenting with new platforms and being at the forefront of new technologies. But with only a handful of people in Brazil who own a Google Glass, how could we both develop an useful app for the bank and capitalize such an experiment.

What we did: Due to Google’s limitations on developing for Glass, we developed an app able to locate the nearest ATM, bank branch or insurance office. Also, we planned a PR campaign starting with an exclusive interview for one the country’s leading business magazines, and culminating in a public launch at Bradesco Next, the bank’s concept of what a future branch will be, with two devices for people to try and experiment.

The results: The video presentation of the app got over 100k views on YouTube, and the launch – the first commercial app for Google Glass to be launched in Brazil – was covered by several national news and technology outlets, such as G1, Info Exame, UOL, IstoƉ Dinheiro, Exame Magazine and more.