AXE Music Star

The Product: Axe/Lynx Music Star

The Challenge: Use Axe’s digital channels to convey the message that with this new product, the consumer could win back all the girls rock stars had been stealing from Average Joes throughout the years.

The Solution: To create a character called Mr. Pimpa, an arrogant foreign rapper who came to Brazil to steal our most beautiful women – including Big Brother winner and Playboy centerfold Priscila Pires – as close to the real thing as possible. And then, build a game and promo around the idea of getting our Brazilian girls back.

First, we created his whole digital persona, with an actual song, videoclip, MySpace profile (remember, it was 2009) and social media presence. He would also go to parties and events such as the MTV Video Music Awards, always surrounded by an entourage of beautiful girls.

Meanwhile, we launched the “Get Them Back” advergame, a 3D beat ’em up, where users could help win the girls back from Mr. Pimpa. Each girl won back would pose for a sexy shoot, which was published on the game’s website. After the final girl – Priscila – was freed, the game’s champion would win a limousine, with which he’d go to a party celebrating Mr. Pimpa’s defeat.