Da audácia de corrigir Randall Munroe

De uma resenha/entrevista da Slate sobre o último livro do Randall Munroe:

Next, Munroe says he remembers reading a sci-fi story, though he can’t recall the title, about a first-contact scenario that involves people trying to negotiate light-years away. “They finally realize that the best way isn’t to send questions and wait for responses, it’s just to both continually transmit streams of information adjusting as they went because the interview format didn’t work,” he says.

Arrisco dizer que, como acontece com todos nós, a memória dele misturou histórias diferentes e, na verdade, a referência é “My Son, the Physicist” (título deveras adequado, inclusive), um dos meus contos preferidos do Isaac Asimov exatamente por causa desse twist final.

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