Steam in a Game

If you’re interested in understanding Valve, and, how, in turn, this led them to make Artifact the way they did, you need to look at the history and, in particular, its knack for finding novel ways to make money. Valve—which is not publicly traded, maintains one of the smallest workforces of any firm of its prestige, and is thought to have the highest profit per employee of any American company—is not like other game companies, and operates according to a different, but specific, set of principles. That fact makes Valve both fascinating and predictable.

Excelente artigo sobre o design econômico por trás do último jogo da Valve – que, junto com a CCP Games, segue sendo a empresa de jogos mais interessante do mundo. Até fiquei curioso para jogar, quando finalmente trocar meu computador no ano que vem.

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